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Hi Debbie

This is specially for you…a private page on my site!

This exercise was solely responsible for me recovering from a prolapse that was requiring surgery. As I’ve had a few ops over the years I decided that if I could avoid one I would.

As mentioned prayer moves mountains and it was during a solid prayer session that I was prompted to do my pelvic floor exercise against the wall. I kept doing them that way for a few days until my control was restored. The marvellous thing about that is I haven’t had problems with prolapse since, nor have I done the exercise against the wall – until this demonstration.

So…let’s see if it will work for you. Just start slowly and don’t overdo it, as it took time for me to restore my pelvic floor strength.

Disclaimer – I’m not a medical expert nor am I an expert in fitness (although I am an expert in the Dry Swan exercise) so if you feel at all uncomfortable trying this exercise, then please check with your medical professional.

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