Letter from Tess Tues 3 October 2017

Hi there!

How are you? I hope this finds you well and enjoying life.

Good to catch up!

I’ve had a busy week, putting together the finishing touches for my Dry Swan bladder control course.

Thank God for Bob and all he has done. He is my technical hero and I’m reminded of the days when we had our regional TV station and Bob would be able to fix anything.

Just imagine – lights, camera, action…and all of a sudden, 10 minutes before going on-air with live local news and the mike is playing up. No worries…Bob to the rescue! He’s like that around the house too and being 6′ 4″ he can change light bulbs without having to get the ladder!

He made me laugh yesterday as he let on he can see over the tops of the cupboards in the kitchen – “So, that means you can see all the dust…” 🙂

So, this week, he has been amazing. Uh-mazing! We’re so close to finishing the course which is really for women going through menopause and needing some encouragement – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, not long now and we will be launching the whole marketing process – starting with a free lead magnet, then a five day challenge and then offering the course.

It’s so good to finally be seeing something solid for all those years researching and learning.

As I’m sitting here typing I’m looking out at the back yard and trees. We have new chicks here at the moment – some magpies, some butcher birds, some noisy miners (could do without those!) some rainbow lorikeets and another green looking bird with blue around its eyes, not sure what they are and they just appear every now and again.

Latest news on vaccines

This week has seen another raft of families torn apart by vaccine injury, visiting the Vaxxed bus as it tours around different cities in the US.

It amazes me how much of a web of deceit is shrouding the vaccination program. I remember asking questions of my doctor years ago, holding my precious first-born and being told that vaccines are very safe and necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of my child. Here’s a video of a mum who believed the same story.

So many babies could be saved if it wasn’t for the medical industry advising to give Tylenol to ease symptoms.

When a baby or child is vaccinated, most parents are encouraged to give Tylenol and this practise of giving Tylenol to children is causing the body’s glutathione (required to boost the immune system) to be severely decreased which means the child’s ability to release toxins from their bodies is compromised. This leaves the toxins circulating and the ingredient glyphosate passes the blood-brain barrier, enabling all the other toxins (mercury, aluminium etc) to enter the brain.

If you’re considering a flu vaccine this winter, then think again.

Here’s a video on the flu vaccine – if you’re considering this, please do your research as so much of what we’re being told in the mainstream media is being scripted by pharmaceutical companies.

These pharmaceutical companies make a fortune selling these vaccines and you can see them popping up all over the place now. There’s probably also a very nice bonus for the retailer who’s pushing these ineffective vaccines as well.

The best way to protect yourself against illness is to eat organic as much as possible, drink filtered water and avoid processed foods. Basically check everything going into and onto your body.

Latest news on weather engineering

Such an amazing time we’re living in – truly amazing!

Here in Queensland we have gone from 39 degrees celsius one day and two days later it barely reached 19 degrees celsius.

The weather has been used for military and war purposes for decades now. Just type that in your search engine (weather for war) and see what information comes up. I know there’s a lot of nobbling of alternative news sites, so it does take a bit of research.

This video explains some of the history of weather manufacturing, manipulation and weaponisation.

It’s fascinating to discover what’s really going on behind the scenes of all these intense weather events. My heart goes out to all those affected with hurricane, flooding, bushfire, and earthquake  events this year, it’s been a doozy that’s for sure.

I wonder how many people realise that these massive weather events are being generated. There’s not much natural weather left, if any.

We just recently had some decent rainfall after months of drought. Great to see but I have to wonder just what’s in the rainwater.

Scripture of the Week

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the word of God and this scripture jumps out at me this week  – John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

It’s such an awesome revelation when that scripture sinks in – and puts to rest the roman catholic church’s nonsense from the latest pope. Namely, that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is dangerous and requires mediation of the church. Talk about twist the truth.

And where is that stated in the Bible?

That’s right – it’s not!

Neither is there any mention of praying to Mary. In fact the Bible specifically in God’s 10 commandments says to have no idols, so all those statues and idols displayed within the church are an abomination to our heavenly Father.

In fact the catholic church re-wrote the Bible!

Yep…let’s look after our statue manufacturing business and take that little snippet out…

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is life-giving and life-changing. Jesus said in John 14:27

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

So, no matter what nonsense this world throws at us, no matter what storms or fires or floods or earthquakes or acts of terrorism try to shake our faith, we remain strong and at peace. Because Jesus Christ is Lord!

Despite how things appear, you can’t believe what you see on your TV, so try not to be swept into the latest dramatic visions you are seeing on your screen.

Just keep trusting in the Lord and the power of his might!

Good to catch up – any questions, comment below.

Big hug!

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