A Trouble Shared Is A Trouble Halved So They Say…

Let me ask you a question? What has crossed legs, jiggles up and down and lets off steam? Me…and every other menopausal woman struggling with urinary incontinence.

Picture this…

You’re half-way through the weekly shop, standing in the freezer aisle and the URGE strikes! You went before you left home…you can’t need to go AGAIN!

OMG…what now?

Time has now stood still, life is carrying on around you but you are caught in this other dimension of panic, fear and impending doom.

OK, if you can just pull your trolley in front and quietly cross your legs, squeeze for all you’re worth…you can gain a bit of time.

Think dry thoughts…

BUT, then it strikes – that chill that you feel you’re very core is freezing.

You wrap your cardigan tightly around you as you begin to experience that oh so familiar feeling…first the nausea, that awful stomach flipping sensation that instantly makes you want to throw up.

You further brace yourself for that all too familiar swoon – that feeling that everything is wrong with the world, not quite dizzy but close to it and you want to reach out and grasp anything solid to stop from falling off the earth, physically and emotionally.

As if that’s not enough, here comes the heat and the prickling sensation rising up from your boots and spreading all over your body…that feeling you know too well.

And of course your heart doesn’t want to be left out of the party so starts thumping for all its worth, joining in this crazy, unhinged chorus of a menopausal flush or flash.

As the pounding in your head subsides, you breathe deeply and hold on even tighter to that trolley, still unable to move forward as any minute now you could experience leakage.

Now you have to let go one hand to quickly fumble for some tissues in your handbag and catch the trickles running down your face.

You want to cry, run, and get as far away from here – and the menopausal you – as possible.

You want to be the person you always were – strong, confident, excellent memory, fit, slim and in control.

Dear, dear, dear, menopausal sister – I love you!

I love the fact that you keep on keeping on, despite trudging through this minefield of emotions that has almost overnight appeared for you and me.

All those memories that have started to make you cry at the drop of a hat.

All those physical changes that have just appeared – where did the fat fingers come from?

And what the heck is it with those stray hairs that have suddenly grown overnight?

Where’s a time-lapse camera when you need one?

Mind you, you could have sat and watched them grow in the mirror because you spent half the night awake anyway!

Tossing and turning…covers on, covers off…covers on, covers off.

The musical blankets continued throughout the night even with the fan turned up high.

This is a tough gig!

This is probably the toughest patch in your life and it can feel like you’ve suddenly stepped into the twilight zone of your health.

My dear Mum ended up being treated with electric shock therapy – how insane is that? One darling woman going through menopause and they label her crazy.

All because she couldn’t stop crying! She had lived a tough life and it was no wonder that the dam of hurt suddenly and hugely burst as she entered menopause.

My Mum was a strong woman and she also discovered the Lord during her journey, telling me that one night she left home, determined to end her life. She stood on a bridge in the town we were living and wanted to throw herself into the river but she remembered her two youngest children she still had at home, and selflessly walked back home – with none of us knowing what she had contemplated.

She told me in later years that as she stood on that bridge, she felt God surround her, for the first time in her life. She felt the weight of the world was lifted from her.

Of course we didn’t know any of this had happened, but I do remember Mum throwing out bottle after bottle of pills one morning and saying out loud to everyone “That’s it, I’m no taking those anymore.” It was amazing she could even function with the concoction of medications she’d been on.

Someone, somewhere had been praying for my Mum that night and the turnaround in her was amazing.

She lost weight, first and foremost – losing that bloated look.

She started walking for exercise and cut out a lot of her past diet.


Perhaps it was the treatment my Mum received that stirred me to write my books and try to help you and perhaps others from going down that lonely path of struggle.

Perhaps it was my own patch of hell that I struggled through.

Somehow…somewhere along the line, I too made the decision my Mum had made and opted out of the medication – turning to natural solutions to manage the stress of menopause.

But let’s talk about you – how are you managing your menopause journey?

If you’re struggling right now, I want you to know there is a way through this.

Honestly…there is a way.

I want you to know that you’re not going crazy – step one, go on…say that out loud right now…”I am NOT going crazy.”

Great, now that we’ve got that understood…I want you to say “I can get through this.”

Why say that?

Because you can and I will help you in any way I can.

I remember all too well those feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, body changing, hormonal shifts causing migraine.

The list just goes on and on and on (and on…)

So, if I was to tell you there is a natural way to get through your menopause and a natural way to beat your urge and stress incontinence…you would probably want to click off – right? But don’t!

Because I’m going to share with you how to take back your bladder control and, in doing that, decrease your menopausal stress.

Because there’s nothing worse than fighting urge incontinence and suffering a flush/flash at the same time.

Honestly, it feels like the little baby out of ‘The Incredibles’ and it amazes me that in those awful moments, we don’t just combust!

It really is quite surreal as life is continuing around you but you’re living in this hell hole – and if you’re a business woman in an office situation, then the stress is doubled.

Even with sympathetic people around, it’s still a tough ride.

So, I made it my mission in life to help you.

That’s if you want me to.

If you’ve been looking for a natural solution to menopause and urinary incontinence, then you’ve found it.

I can’t make any promises but I can help you to learn what I’ve learnt and what has given me back my bladder control and my quality of life.

It has also made menopause workable as you will learn how to remove the toxins out of your life.

To start with – go get yourself my app – ‘Dry Swan Bladder Trainer’ and get to know the Dry Swan exercise. You will find it on Google Play and iTunes.

This exercise is unique and different from anything you will have tried before. It stops the brain signal to the bladder and gives you precious time to get where you need to go.

You can email me anytime on tess.dryswan@aapt.net.au

Just know you’re not alone in this anymore.

Please realise that.

You have a friend right here…true!  🙂

And I’m sending you a great big hug.

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